17 November, 2020

The Great British Shake-Off

Hugger Mugger Launches New Cocktail Menu by Bar Manager Veronica Lam

This fall, Wyndham Street’s sleek underground bar, Hugger Mugger, undergoes a revival with the launch of a new cocktail menu by Bar Manager, Veronica Lam. 

Featuring 11 sophisticated tipples that offer a fresh update on classic cocktails, every new  concoction celebrates fresh produce by way of house-made cordials and original liqueurs. The  overall direction is towards approachability, drinkability and value over stuffy complexity – akin to  the bar itself. 

All cocktails are priced at HKD95 and the new menu will be officially launched on 19 November.

Starting not too far off the beaten path, Green Mule is a gin-based variant on its Moscovite  namesake. Fresh basil and lime, provides the drink with a distinctly verdant look together with a  tartness in taste that simply must be experienced to be believed.

A rejuvenated Gimlet, The Bastardized Gimlet is reimagined with a citrusy gin and an extended selection of mixed citrus and lime leaves, bringing zing and zest to the maritime favourite.

Hugger Mugger’s new take on the Tom Collins, Pressed For Thyme is made with Gin Mare, herbal  liqueur and salted pineapple cordial, thyme and soda, for a crisp and energizing taste.

A staple of the fruity cocktail scene, The Clover Club, is reinterpreted through Not Clover’s  Cobbler – a more lush, full-bodied affair with the addition of fino sherry, bitter blood orange amaro, raspberry and lemon to the Beefeater Gin-based cocktail.

Getting your daily greens in won’t go down much easier than with a Sour of Eden – a cocktail that  blends Whitley Neill gin, elderflower liqueur, green chili, celery and lemon, topped with a  cucumber ribbon, for a hearty palate refresher.

An adapted and lighter version of the Hanky Panky, Slide Into My Slipper is a devilishly fruity affair  with Beefeater 24 gin, vermouth, house-made fortified peach wine and grapefruit bitters, making  for a pitch perfect aperitif.

Chaiwala Espresso embraces the character of Hugger Mugger’s neighbouring Indian restaurant,  an espresso martini powered by Jodhpur gin, Avion Espresso and chai syrup. Accompanied by lit  incense, this beverage brings a sense of calm to the evening.

Not to be missed, Manuel’s Paloma brings smoking-hot flair and earthiness to the beloved  summertime cocktail. Named after Pirata Group’s co-founder, this Paloma replaces tequila with  Alipus San Baltazar Mezcal, bitter suze and house-made rhubarb liqueur, for a classy sundowner.

In addition to the new cocktail menu, Hugger Mugger is also proud to introduce its first-ever  spirits boards with a rotation of limited edition whiskeys and gins for both new and seasoned  connoisseurs to experience at a fair price (including a featured gin and tonic, tasting flights and  seasonal specialties). 

Also in the spotlight, the culinary team at neighbouring Indian restaurant, Chaiwala, presents  elevated western bar nibbles with an Indian twist. Highlights include Bombay Fried Chicken filled  with mixed chilies and curry leaves, a decadent Tandoori Lobster Roll, Shoestring Fries with curry  powder, Chicken Tikka Sliders or the vegetarian option, Mexi-Thali Bhurji.

“Hugger Mugger is all about being a good place to come hang out. We make good, honest drinks  true to the Pirata spirit,” says Veronica Lam, Bar Manager. “Come as you are and feel free to express  yourself. Cocktails are not just for special occasions.”


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